Saturday, February 21, 2009

You Won't Believe This...

We got more snow!!!! Okay, that's not anything new.

I did get a chance to read my 21-page consent document and the worst thing that can happen to me is death!

I think that's a normal disclaimer but there was a list of the normal things:

Urge to run

So, I have to go through an X-ray and physical to determine if I'm the right candidate for the study. So details to follow.

TNT Group training was great, we had cold temps but the wind wasn't blowing in the beginning.

Notice I said in the beginning. Towards the end of the run we were running in gust and the snow was starting....

We ran hills and a gold course today. I've never seen so many happy faces when I told them.

Okay, time to go blow some snow into my neighbors driveway.


Melanie said...

i believe it... and it's snowing here right now :( Don't tell me you're "one of those" neighbors LOL

Running Around Acres said...

snowed this morning for alight dusting, but the picture was beautiful. good luck with the study and hopefully, no nausea.

Katie said...

Sounds like everyone was battling some wind -- not fun!

And, if you could send some snow to Texas that would be awesome :-)