Sunday, February 22, 2009

Everyone Knows it’s Windy

I would rather run hills every day in both directions than run into the wind. With hills I can see what’s ahead of me and mentally prepare for them. With the wind it just happens, without a clue or anything.

We were getting gust of 25 mph plus, but the sun was out and shining bright!

One of our Tuesday evening runners hosted a going away get-together last night. Add runners and a keg and you get a lot of BEvERages. So cutting my run short today was a no-brainers.

I tried making up for it with 100 push-ups 100 squats and 100 shoulder presses.

Now I trying to complete some work I brought home for a Monday meeting, why do I procrastinate???


Marlene said...

COMPLETELY agree about the wind. Espeically when it's a cold wind blowing snow in your face.

Melanie said...

yep, i agree about the wind too! dealt with some today too :( get to work! LOL

RunGirl. said...

The wind is so unpredictable and I hate it too! I just moved from the south to the midwest and I cannot beleive this wind.

and at least you are doing the work you brought home. I brought home a few files, but they've been sitting on the floor since i got home on Friday. So much for that.

Have a great week!