Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday's Why????

Why doesn't Garmin have any Elite athletes endorse their products?

Why don't you see elite runners with Garmins????

How did Garmins become so popular with basically word of mouth advertisements???

Can you tell I still haven't replaced my dead Garmin?

How much of the GPS watch technology do you really use?

Why do we care about out average pace?

What if I ran a 10 minute mile followed by a 5 minute mile, what does the average tell me about my run?

We know about the story of the first marathon, but what about the first Ironman. Did the person have to stop swimming and then stole a bike which ultimately got a flat after 112 miles so they had to run 26.2 miles?

Just asking........


Terzah said...

Timely, since I just bought a new Garmin an hour ago! I still plan to use my digital watch on most runs where I don't need to obsess about pace.

If Garmin wants to sponsor some non-elite runners, I volunteer!

Redhead Running said...

Why don't they have any elites?!?!?

Also, what IS the story of the first Ironman?!??!?!

Anne said...

All good questions. I knew/know one of the guys featured in Garmin ads. He's fast but not famous.

lindsay said...

as always you are such a philosopher!

where did garmins come from, hmm. and i only use the stopwatch + distance features. i couldn't even tell you what else that watch does other than hold paper down.