Friday, August 31, 2012


Okay, the end of Summer depression is beginning. Where did the summer of 2012 go?

I only logged 34 miles this summer!

My tan lines are from riding my bike!

We only purchased one watermelon!

We haven't had a fire in the backyard!

I've only washed my car twice outside!

Work sucks!

We didn't have a picnic yet!

My race card is empty!

My garden is out of control, who knew tomatoes were so wild!

I only swam two times!

My knee sucks!

I only took three pictures outside!



Jess said...

I wish I could say and/or enjoy the idea that it's the end of summer. In Florida there is no such thing!

Terzah said...

Do NOT fret! Fall is coming!

Crisp days....chilly nights made for sleeping....the running is easy....

You will turn all that around!

And hopefully I will get to meet you in Detroit!

lindsay said...

you can do backyard fires in the fall. especially leaf burning, neighbors love that (i know we do)

and the whole work sucking thing has nothing to do with the season... haha.