Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday When????

From reading a lot of Blogs out there in the Blogesphere, there seems to be a lot of advancement in everyone running, biking,swimming careers. So the question that I pose today is 'when did you come to the realization that you were there?'

You had reached a point when it was fun and you knew this is what you wanted to do.

When did it hit you that you might just be good at this?

When did you feel like you were one of the community?

Just wondering.............



B.o.B. said...

i think after the first epic fail of a marathon i did i knew i was hooked. i dunno about being good though. i'm happy with the progress i've made but i'm still skeptical of how good i am.

Marlene said...

Ohhh good question... I can't really remember. I think I was pretty much hooked after my first race, but I really started to feel like I was part of the running community (virtual and real) during training for my first full.

lindsay said...

umm i don't really think i'm good at this (running), nor do i know that i feel like i fit in with my running community haha. i tend to go to races as a lone wolf and am awkward and don't chat up people as easily as i wish i would.

but if you meant the blogging community... i don't remember when exactly. probably when i started to "get to know" a few bloggers closer/as "real" friends via comments on blogs and emails back and forth.