Monday, October 24, 2011

Is the Running Done?????

This is always a strange time of year in the Mitten state for running and fitness.

All of the fall endurance events are winding down and people are putting their bikes in their trainers, except the hardcore mountain bikers!

I know that you're still running and will continue to throughout the winter, just like me.

I'm reading that some of you are even getting into the gym.

Well to ensure that I can maintain my Clydesdale figure, I too have been spending more time lifting heavy objects.

I have fallen in love again with Crossfit!

Now I'm not talking about joining a box and spending hundred of dollars a month but just the idea and exercises associated with it. I love getting in a workout in thirty minutes or less.

I think my lower back muscles have finally recovered from the WOD on last Thursday!

So what are you doing, now that the running is done?



Marlene said...

Done? What?! Nooo way my friend!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I'm with Marlene. It's far from done. Although I can say when I ran at Stony on Sunday morning, it was like a ghost town.

Joanna said...

Done? No one told the state of Missouri. I'm planning on running strong until we have ice on the ground, which is hopefully January, and THEN heading inside!

Rebecca said...

i ran thru the MI Winter last year and I refuse to do it again this year unless the conditions are perfect...

Guess it helped that I didnt plan a destination marathon for February or March!

I had some questions about TNT-Coaching is there an email I can reach you at?