Thursday, September 8, 2011


1) Damn, did I get beat up about wearing gloves! You guys almost made me feel like a wimp. What about Kara????

2) You're in the middle of a track workout and the wind is brutal but it starts to rain and rain hard! What do you do? Well we're stupid and we stayed int he wind and rain and finished what we started. Should have had my glove!

3) I'm not sure why but the drive home from work is starting to make me react like an infant. You know how when you put an infant into the car for a drive, they fall asleep? Well, when I get home I am soooooo ready to go to bed but I have miles to run. Fortunately, I have you bloggers to keep me honest. Who could miss a run when people like Marlene is doing doubles and triples? Jeff is running 8 miles before work and those crazy Nuun women ran without sleep. Damn I hate you guys!



Lisa said...

#2 is easy. I live in the desert. we melt when it rains. therefore the only correct answer it to run to the car and take cover! ;-)

Marlene said...

If you got up at 3am to run, you could go to sleep right after work.... :)

Racn4acure said...

Hmmm, not to be sexist but would I rather look at Kara running with gloves on or Ken running with gloves on? Tough call!

BTW I wimped out yesterday in a downpour after a mile and a half. So good for you to hang on.

lindsay said...

when you run in underroos you can wear gloves.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Haha! Before work is easier. At least I'm not tired running. I'm just falling asleep throughout the day. Haha!