Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is what I walked into for my morning mentoring session. That's right, I'm sure each of you out there is familiar with congruent angles.

I signed up for literacy and comprehension and the little math wiz of a student needs assistance in this $hit!

I tried to dance my way out of it, '...let's find an example in your textbook'.

That didn't work since he didn't have his textbook. Next it was, 'you try and figure it out and explain to me how you cam e to that conclusion'.... That didn't go over well either, since he was looking to me for guidance.

I couldn't just say, 'let's Google it and see what we get'!

So now I have to be ready for whatever my little mentee has up his sleeve!


Kim said...

It'll keep ya on your toes.

What a great thing you're doing for your little friend.

Becka said...

Ken - here is the secret. I believe it was in the Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy. The answer is always 42!
What was the question?