Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Already?

Remember that list of things we were going to get done before the end of the year?

How about that 100 push-up challenge so many of you were gung-ho about?

I'm sure that a lot of you accomplished most of the things on your annual to-do list but not this guy.

I haven't read the twelve books that I promised myself to do.
I haven't been keeping up my weekly mileage like I said I would.
I haven't stop procrastinating as much as I told myself I should.
I haven't been getting the proper nutrition that I promised myself in February.
I haven't started my Christmas shopping and it's December!

Okay, I hope that you get the idea that this happens to me each year about this same time, imagine that!

But I have accomplished a great deal this year that I thankful for and I'll continue to chip away at that almighty list of 'I haven't'.

EXTREME class was brutal after an extended time away from work. We performed five rounds of 20 reps of the following:

Squats with shoulder press
Army drag across the gym floor (push-up position just using your arms and dragging your feet)
Plank up/down

I never realized how much you use your core muscles to do this crap, OUCH!


Sonia said...

That's why I never plan on anything for the new year, I just don't like to disappoint myself ;-)


Even though you didn't keep up with your running mileage, you manage to stay mainly injury free and that's something to be happy about! And with all of these extreme class I'm sure you're in tip-top shape!

Marlene said...

That class really does sound... EXTREME! Yikes! Nice job.

Pat said...

If I accomplished all I wanted to, then what would I do next year?

Hope you are doing well and the weather is on the mild side.