Monday, December 8, 2008

I think I had a Good Time???????

Weekend recap-

Saturday's TNT group training run was in some of the worst weather that we've experience in a few years. My team surprised the heck out of me just by showing up. One participant drove over an hour to get to the park. We had snow, wind and cold.

Even the more experienced runners would have had second thoughts about running outside.

I'm always looking for alumni or mentors to help when the groups break up due to different paces. Well this time I had an alumni that is also an Ultra-marathoner take the lead group. Let's just say that they went a little further than planned.

We didn't lose anyone, so that makes for a good day of training.

We had two holiday parties to attend, which means a lot of BEvERage consumption for me. Needless to say, I've been worthless for the past two days!

Why can't I partay like I used to?

There are no pictures of me dancing on tables and most of Sandy is still talking to me, so I must have been a proper gentleman! HA...............

Okay, our strange weather continues. I'm heading out int eh rain for a quick lunchtime run.


Sonia said...

Now don'T tell me the weather is crummy don'T there as I am coming back to Windsor on Monday and I've had my share of crummy... thinks -30°C (about 0F)......

Marcy said...

You were either a proper gentleman OR they were just as nasty as you were :P