Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday's Why?????

Since I was already at the start line of the race Sunday packing the failed archway, I had some time to talk to the owner of the Timing company.

I've seen his employees at various races and even know another friend that started his own timing company with his wife.

So this got me to thinking about other ventures that I could have embarked upon.........

Why didn't I:
  • Create that local running website that would generate tons of advertising revenue?
  • Create that Fantasy football website that would charge leagues to use?
  • Create a middle of the pack running magazine?
  • Create a wholesome nutritious beverage that taste like beer?
  • Create the Duct tape shoe ID(pre-Road-id)?
I probably would be rubbing elbows with Bill Gates and the likes.........

What wacky idea have you had going around in your head????


Lily on the Road said...

Will you still talk to me when you are a billionaire? And I want shares in nutritious BEvERages....better yet, hire me to be the taste tester!

Marlene said...

Why didn't I invent Facebook???

kara said...

Roads just for runners.(And walkers and cyclists.) No fossil fuel vehicles!

Duct tape?!?

Joanna said...

I like the mid-pack runner's magazine. It could publish columns such as "Why I only x-train 3 times a year"

Anonymous said...

You got some great ideas there! I can't recall any idea, myself. Boo.