Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thirteen Degrees and Sunshine.........

What a difference a few degrees of warmth and a lot of sunshine without winds makes. The team was all smiles as we started out to get in our weekly long run. The 1/2 marathon participants were scheduled to run five miles but our park loop is six miles total and I convinced them to stay with the full marathoners and complete the loop.

We still have some issues with the footing which took it's toll on the leg muscles, since everyone was more conscious of staying upright and not slipping on a patch of ice. Each time we would get to a dry patch of the path, it was like really running!

We're suppose to get a heatwave during the upcoming week, temps above freezing will be welcomed.

Looks like the Michigan chapter of TNT had a great time at Disney, although they weren't spending a lot of time at poolside.

Okay, time to get on my lucky Green Bay underwear for today's Playoff game.

Let's see, underwear check, jersey check, Packer sweatpants check, Packer cap check. I'm ready for some football.

Go Packers.


Jess said...

Good for your team! But man alive, that's cold!

Lily on the Road said...

Go Packers...glad to hear you put on undies today...

good job runners, you guys are going to do GREAT!!!!

Anne said...

I'm a little late with my condolences on your Packers. They put in such a great performance last weekend, too. Almost melts your heart...if not that snow you've got out there.