Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh My God or OMG

Running in shorts? Yes, Jess you can do it in Florida and Pat can do the same in Arizona but I'm talking about doing it in Michigan!

Okay, maybe I do believe in that Global Warming thing a little. Almost forty degrees and runners here pull out the shorts. Granted we still have on hats, gloves and layered long sleeve tops but we're wearing shorts!

This morning at TNT training I knew a lot of the participants would be overdressed, since we've been training in sub-zero temps. It was almost like a scene at a strip club, people were disrobing left and right.

I was finally able to set a route that included a few hills and that didn't even seem to faze them. What do I have to do, bring out Rottweilers to chase them????

Okay, time to put on my Hawaiian shirt and fire up the grill! It's 37 degrees and the sun is out. Don't you just love this Winter Wonderland????


Lily on the Road said...
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Lily on the Road said...

crazy, crazy weather and harumpfff,

"It was almost like a scene at a strip club"

exactly how would you know about that???

ps that was me who deleted above, I was trying to get fancy and use italics....didn't work though LOL

Marci said...

Love this Jan. thaw!

Jess said...

I would NOT be running in shorts in 37 degrees! Ha, you'd find me in tights for such FRIGID temps ;)

Marlene said...

Yes, we were all stripping on the run this morning. Love it!

Coach Liz said...

Wait, I could not run in shorts in Orlando for the Disney Marathon Weekend. However it was 76 degrees here in Houston yesterday. Shorts Baby! Yeah!!!