Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crap, Crap, Crappy Run and Random Thoughts

I hate running!

Okay, I hate running on ice!

Really, Okay I hate running on ice when I don't have to!

I attempted to have a leisurely lunchtime run to get away from the office and let my hair down......... Ha, I slay me.

I knew that some of the sidewalks would be covered in snow, since we got a dusting in the morning but I never expected to be running on ice ruts!!!!

I purposely check out route when I'm driving just to get an idea of where would be the best places to run and I thought roads would be free of snow/ice....

Does anyone still listen to Howard Stern??????????

I attribute the road conditions to all of those Senior citizens that don't drive in winter, thus leaving snow on the streets. Get out and make some tire ruts for us runners.

I think I pulled my groin a couple of times, I hope no one saw me......... Ha, I slay me.

Need less to say it was more about surviving than running. I would get to a patch of dry pavement and try to run fast only to be stopped by another patch of snow/ice.

I was so impressed with a lot of you guys not only recapping the year but a few even did the decade! I have to look down to make sure I have on socks! So I decided to journal 2010 and see what happens. Should be some really boring stuff......

What's the worst thing you put in the trash knowing that you shouldn't have?????


Jess said...

Sounds like you should've been wearing skates instead of running shoes!

Lisa said...

An old watch battery this am, I know you should really recycle those things but it was laying on my bathroom counter and by the time I got around to actually properly disposing it, the odds of my son swallowing it as candy greatly increased.

MaggieWags said...

You should read that article in runner's world about how to get over a crappy run!!

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