Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday's Why???

Why did they let the older Black lady back on the Biggest Loser Finale? I know that losing one pound is an accomplishment but it was obvious that she wasn't in the game from the beginning.

I understand the reason as to why they have the more mature contestants on the show but unless they can age-grade some of the challenges (which would lead to changing them for women too) it's always going to be tough on them.

I have had two consecutive runs where everything seemed to go right! So I am never running again!

I'm going out on top...........

Is it just me or is gravity making every one's numbers on the scale incorrect?

How can I hurt my knee sleeping? That's right, I just woke up this morning and started limping. Damn old body!

I don't see how anyone can live in Alaska this time of year, what do they get about 30 minutes of daylight?

I'm going crazy and it's not even December 21st yet! I guess I should break out the lamp to take care of my lack of sunshine.........