Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

We had a great turnout for our Wednesday track workout. It's getting a little difficult with newbies coming out, since a lot of them aren't running enough to do the main workout.

We're beginning to take over the track from the walkers!

We're not elite runners by any means but it would be nice to have the inside lanes for running.

Do you think signs should be posted for track etiquette?

Today was another running workout with some of the women from my EXTREME class. Since it was raining and no one likes to start their run in the rain, we moved to the parking structure for some hill repeats.

These guys are truly on a mission to get in shape and lose some weight. As it turned out with the amount of perspiration generated, we could have run outside!

Okay, time to settle in for some NBA action tonight and the Red Wings tomorrow.

an you believe it, a game seven! GO WINGS.........


Running Around Acres said...

Post the sign at the track. Of course get the track owner permission. We constantly remind our walkers to use lanes 4 and up hoping other walkers will follow suit.

Wings can win and GO MAGIC!!!

Jess said...

Runners should always be privvy to inside lanes, and walkers should always take the outside lanes. So, yes, if people don't already know this, there should be signs.

B.o.B. said...

The walkers should definitely know to stay to the right. And GO MAGIC! BTW, the game last night was heartbreaking. :(

Kim said...

Let's post signs everywhere, on the track on the trails...these people need to learn! :)

Maybe you could make your own homemade sign post them as you're running