Friday, June 12, 2009


Go Red Wings! Game seven is tonight and the city is abuzz. It's great that it falls on casual Friday, so a lot of folks can wear their Red Wing attire.

I ran around the arena this morning in hopes of making a cameo shot on some early sports show but nobody was broadcasting.

This is the last TNT weekend training for the Summer team before we head out to Alaska, so it will be a small group.

Have any of you ever ordered something online and used a Visa/MC gift card and have it rejected? I've been waiting on running shoes since May and found out they canceled my order because of the credit card(gift card)........

Okay, everyone have a fantastic 48 hours away from work.


Marlene said...

Am I going to be the only person in north amercia NOT watching hocket tonight?

anyway, TGIF and have a great weekend!

Jess said...

Hockey is still going on? Goodness, that season lasts forever, doesn't it?

Lily on the Road said...

this will be a super charged game!! don't get caught in the fray!

Have a great weekend no matter the outcome, have some adult BEvERages for me!

Racn4acure said...

Isn't the ice getting a little soft up that way yet? ;)

Looking forward to the 48 hours off myself. I am going to do a mission moment for the fall team tomorrow AM and am looking forward to meeting this fine group of folks for the first time. Then Monday I am going to the Anchorage Send-off Party. Two of my former Nashville mentees switched to this team and I want to wish them luck. Anchorage in 2005 was my first TNT event and I will never forget it!

CoachLiz said...

That totally sucks on the gift card. I didn't know those things had expiration dates.