Friday, November 14, 2008

TNT Kickoff

I *heart* TNT Kickoffs. The energy in the room is so high that we could have run our events that night!

Okay, maybe not really but it feel like for a while.

I was surprised to see a few individuals that said they were going to sign up later and they actually did.

So now I have five months to get them in marathon and 1/2 marathon shape. Who knows, there may even be a couple of BQ times in the group.

On a side note Running Jaywhawk needs your help, here's a note from her:

If I can get 250 people to email Mike one reason why we should put up our decorations early at by the end of this weekend, he'll let me indulge.


Sonia said...

Exciting time! Your comment on my blog made me laugh lol I do look different without my cap... and showing off my breast hahaha